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Welcome to Legacy Martial Arts!!

We are so excited that you want to join our family! We have our trial offer you can purchase below, which is everything you need to start classes at Legacy! Once you purchase the trial through PayPal, call or e-mail us to make an appointment for your first class!!

Youth Martial Arts
Youth Martial Arts
Get started with our trial special: 4 Weeks and uniform. This is everything you need to start lessons with us. So start today before it's too late!
Adult or Kickboxing Classes
Adult or Kickboxing Classes
Get started with our special offer: 8 Classes + Gloves or Uniform. So start today!


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At this appointment, you will get to personally speak to our masters and staff. We will talk with you to make sure we understand why you’re taking classes and what you look to achieve so that we can create a plan to make sure you achieve those goals.

Our goal is to be there every step of the way as you work towards achieving your individual goals. These goals will vary from person to person as everyone has different reasons for taking up martial arts. But we will ensure that those goals are met as you work towards achieving your black belt.

People do martial arts for a variety of reasons. Here are a few more common ones:
Get in better shape
Build confidence/esteem
Build and develop character
Great people and family-like atmosphere
Leadership training
Individual and team sport in the same activity.
Physical and mental challenge.

The first day can be nerve-wracking as you see all these movements and hear all of the yelling. But do not worry! We will be with you the entire time. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do. No one is perfect on their first day. In fact, no one is perfect even as a black belt. Follow along to the best of your ability as you will be told what to do and how to do it.

We look forward to meeting with you!!

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